Our Mission

Goetz Educational Services, located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides assistance to learners of all ages and kinds through test preparation, private tutoring, and special programs.  We serve Glendale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, northwest Phoenix, and north Scottsdale  In our knowledge-based economy most of us spend more time learning than on any other active pursuit.  We believe that the value and utility of an education is not so much the amount of hours you spend on education, but instead is dependent upon the quality of teaching and work involved.

We encourage students to make use of our innovative teaching methods to form a lasting intellectual foundation which will enable them to succeed not only in the classroom but also in the world beyond.

Please peruse freely the other pages on our site to find out more about our services and products!

See me talk about testing out of high school at http://live.huffingtonpost.com/r/archive/segment/educational-tutor-helps-students-speed-through-high-school/517757032b8c2a27750001d0

Also check out our sister site at greatbooksdude.wordpress.com!


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