Private Tutoring

Our primary mission at Goetz Educational Services is to provide students with the resources they need to make the most out of the time they spend in school.  We are able to do this through our wonderful private tutoring programs, which we offer to students aged 14 and above, primarily in English, Math, and History.  Our primary focus is on 9th-12th Grade students, but we have experience working with college and post-graduate students as well.  We feel that a solid foundation in English is necessary not only for success in the classroom and in education, but for success in the world beyond; an education in Math is indispensable for obvious reasons; and a familiarity with the people, events, and ideas of the past is required in order to avoid making the same or similar mistakes as those many of them which have already been committed and recorded in the last four thousand years.

Tutoring costs are generally $50 per hour, but depending upon location they may vary.  We also tutor online, which reduces costs but may require extra hours of work.  We are located in northwest Phoenix and serve Glendale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and north Scottsdale.

Call us at (310) 592-5681 OR contact us by using the form below!


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