My students speak for themselves!

1) Jason is 100% recommendable when it comes to education.  He makes schoolwork easy but explains each topic thoroughly.  At my school, no teacher has ever gone in depth on any topic we cover.

Jason uses teaching methods different from any teacher and tutor I have ever been acquainted with.  My grades have improved so remarkably while working with him that my teachers have been wondering what happened!  Not only did he help me raise my grades but he also helped me with Academic Decathlon.  I was told I was going to compete just three weeks before the actual event.  The test was based on the Renaissance and anything/anyone during that period was fair game.  I know for a fact that I would never have placed in the top ten if it weren’t for Jason.  He is like a walking encyclopedia, full of information to no end.  Jason prepared me for a couple high school placement tests and I got into Honors Englisn and Geometry.

Nobody should ever underestimate Jason’s mind because he is filled with so much knowledge that he can tell you practically anything.  And all of this is not to mention the fact that he reads as if his life depended on it.  Every time we meet up for tutoring he keeps a different book in hand.  Jason is the best tutor I’ve ever had and has had a huge impact on my academics.

–Cathy, Granada Hills, CA

2) To Whom It May Concern:

It is a privilege that I write a recommendation for Jason Goetz. Not too long ago I was preparing for the CHSPE test. My mother thought it was a smart idea if we hired a tutor to make sure I was 100% prepared for the test. Thanks to Jason, I was fully ready to take my test.

The first time I met with Jason I noticed a lot of improvement in my work. He taught me easier ways to understand and work through the problems. I’m the kind of person that likes to complicate and put stress into the problems, but Jason went step-by-step showing me faster, less stressful routes.

One reason that I liked Jason so much was because he was not only sweet but also kept me on track. I always seem to go off to “lala land,” but he made sure I stayed focused. I realized that I learned some things from him that I was never taught by my teachers. I grew stronger in math after being tutored by Jason.  Something that I always called him was the “human calculator” because he could calculate something at the speed of lightning. That is true talent if you ask me.

I would most definitely recommend anybody to Jason Goetz because he is a hard worker. I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without being tutored by him. He is truly a magnificent tutor that can get any job done.

Best regards,

Megan, Porter Ranch, CA

3) Jason is simply the best. My son (Nicolai) had failed his first try at the CHSPE and then we met Jason, and things turned around. Jason was patient, knowledgeable and completely lovely to have around. Without him my son wouldn’t have passed. Plain and simple. The only person to even consider hiring to get your child ready for anything, and make sure they actually understand what they are studying, is Jason

–Paige, Studio City, CA

4) Jason is an absolute lifesaver! I called him to help me prepare for the California High School Proficiency Examination, and his teaching abilities exceeded my expectations. I could tell from just one class that there would be tremendous results. My math skills have seriously improved! Every week I looked forward to learning something new. My knowledge of literature ha expanded beyond what I ever thought it would. The books that he introduced me to contained information that I’ll use throughout my life. I know I can walk into that testing room feeling confident. There is no doubt in my mind that Jason was the best tutor possible for me. Jason is a personal trainer for your mind!


5) I met Jason this February (2011) after I had just enrolled in college algebra… for the second time. Prior to meeting Jason I was nowhere near a good student when it came to anything involving math. My math grades since the time of high school were always at the C level, and a few times dropped to a D level (Geometry…grrr)! I never really felt like I had the correct foundation in this complicated subject.

After taking college algebra for the first time I thought that I could get by without a tutor and I spent hours and hours studying hoping for the best. Unfortunately just because you spend a lot of hours doing something, doesn’t mean you’re great at it…which is another thing Jason taught me recently. I got a D- that first time I took the class.

2 years later I decided to attempt another math class, as my major requires a TON of math. This time around I contacted Jason almost immediately after finding him on this website. I sent him a message and that same night he called me!!! It was instantaneous and I was so impressed at the quick response time. We met up the following week (he’s awesome because he will drive to you no matter where you are! He drove to my home in Oak Park and a few times we met at Moorpark College).

My first few meetings I almost instantly felt like I was grasping the material better. One of the things I really liked about Jason was that instead of just focusing on “what i need to know for the test” he focused on reconfiguring my foundation of math and recognizing the areas I was struggling in since before high school. After focusing on re-teaching me the basics I felt far more apt to conquer algebra this time around! Jason focuses on finding the method that specifically works for YOU and teaching it to you. He understands the need for a personalized study plan for each of his students and not the same old cookie cutter math tricks you learn from your professors.

All in all… at the end of the semester I got a B+ in my college algebra class.. I’ve NEVER had a B in any math class since I was in middle school… if I could post every single one of my report cards here to prove it, I absolutely would! Jason changed my feelings about math completely. I actually felt as if I was able to understand what was going on in class and I could keep up with the professor. I started to enjoy attending math classes which is something I never would have thought 8 months ago LOL.

Jason truly is a fantastic tutor and if you are looking for someone who will focus on you or your child at an individual level i suggest you call him or email him IMMEDIATELY. I will be calling Jason again at the beginning of the semester to help me master the art of PRE CALCULUS!! Next semester we’re going to shoot for an A in my class 🙂

–Ashley, Oak Park, CA


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