Essays, Volume 2!


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Essays, Volume 2!

Released Monday, this volume discusses Shakespeare’s works (both plays and longer poems), classical economics and sociology, American novels, great essays, ancient philosophical schools, and the dividing line between the ancients and the moderns. Check it out and become one of our thousand readers!  Hurry–only five weeks left till the publication of Volume 3!


About Goetz Educational Services!

Goetz Educational Services is a new educational business built to modernize, incorporate, and revitalize knowledge, which is by its nature old.  We believe that most knowledge does not go out of date quickly, and that great ideas remain relevant through the ages when they are taught properly by the right people.

To that end, we provide one-on-one tutoring, but we specialize in online Great Books programs, which are designed to assist students of all kinds.  Students who take these courses will see drastic improvements in English and History classes as well as on standardized tests and, later on, in their careers.  These courses provide the perfect backdrop for careers in film, journalism (both broadcast and written), government (both domestic and foreign affairs), politics, law, teaching, writing, and business, and they are important for all citizens who believe that voting decisions should be driven by an informed populace.

We work with both secondary and postsecondary students as well as with adults.  We do not believe that learning ends with our school days–rather, on the contrary, that we learn much more once we enter the world of action.

For more information, contact us at (310) 592-5681, or use the form provided below!  We look forward to working with you and your kids!